Cyber Crimes Behind Adult Dating Websites

Cyber Crimes Behind Adult Dating Websites

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Profiting from others misfortune and emotional weakness is probably one of the ugliest aspects of humanity. Profiting from people’s longing for love and companionship is a top layer of it. Whilst falling in love seems so easy for young and foolish, adults tend to complicate relationships and frequently end up fearing loneliness. Aside basic search for adventure, this urge to find someone special driven mostly by loneliness is one of the main motives why plenty adults nowadays end up looking for the one in the cyber world. Not to go deep into analyzing quality of relationship started via internet websites, the truth is that this need created whole industry out of adult dating websites.

Unfortunately, same as any other industry, this one also craves for profit and interest. And the main interest is not to see you happily married ever after.

In one hand, we have to admit that technology entered every field of our life and online dating is simply integrated part of modern life. On the other hand, most of the dating websites are pure scam. Many of those scams won’t leave you just disappointed, but also almost broke. For someone naïve, without experience in the world of all mighty internet, this adventure could end up really bad. The whole story is based on marvelous social engineering and profiling. Thus, the types of scams man fall for slightly differ from those meant to trick women.

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Not to say that men are out there only looking for sex, but most of them starts with searching for attractive ladies offering erotic atmosphere. This usually brings them to huge number of websites allegedly hosting many women’s profiles where they can freely interact. The mere fact that most of those women look like models and magazine girls should raise suspicions. Average girls look averagely. On the top of it, if you are asked to sign membership in order to start interaction, the chances are you’ll be “talking” to fake profiles, possibly even generic software. No gorgeous girls are behind those amazing profile photos. Believe it or not, some of these website even declare that fact publicly, somewhere among those tiny letters written in the terms and conditions of website use. They won’t, of course, literally claim their intention to fool you, but they will mention that you will interact with fictional characters. This usually ends up as a lot of wasted time and some wasted money.130206093536-online-dating-scams-tablet-large

Women tend to be bigger victims of cybercrime. The idea is to search for alone and lonely women, aged 45-65, who possess enough money to make the scam worthwhile. These women are usually looking for deep relations and they tend to be quite vulnerable when it comes to getting lots of compliments and attention.

The deceivers usually analyze the profile, they offer fake mail profile fitting woman’s wishes and needs and start quite direct and open conversations. These conversations tend to explore the opportunity with the main plan to transfer the interaction offline. If this happens, direct asking for money will pop up soon. It usually starts as a story about some tragedy they are dealing with and the loan they need for that. Sympathetic ladies often fall for these heartbreaking stories and soon they end up paying huge amounts of money to some bank accounts to the non-existing or simply fake person._86905191_thinkstock_datingscam

Eventually, women figure out, but the shame and stigma caused by falling for this criminal scheme often prevent them from reporting the case.

If they overcome emotional breakdown and involve the police, they might even recover a certain amount of money, but their vision of love and relationships, even humanity itself, will hardly ever recover.

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